Snail anti-fall pots
  • Dove-gray snail
  • turtle dove color snails Safe-pot
  • turtle dove color snails Safe-pot
  • turtle dove color snails Safe-pot
  • Snail anti-falling pot
  • Snail anti-falling pot
  • Snail anti-falling pot
  • Safe Vessel hook on drip tray
  • Snail anti-falling pot
  • Snail anti-falling pot

Snail anti-falling pot

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VasoSicuro is the innovative anti-fall system for vases. Maximum safety for your vases with a unique and personal style. Its very simple assembly and removal technique is within everyone's reach. No holes, no tools


Would you like to embellish your windowsill with flowers and plants with an eye to safety? You can do it in a simple and practical way with VasoSicuro, a unique design object of its kind, designed to furnish any place where it is placed with style.

Safe Vase is the new Vase Fall Arrest System which, thanks to its quick and innovative fixing, can be easily installed without the need to drill holes on windowsills, walls and terraces. In a few gestures VasoSicuro furnishes your windowsill in safety and simplicity.

VasoSicuro can be installed on window sills with or without a drip tray. It adapts to any type of sill and threshold without the need for tools, you simply have to adjust the special rubberized pins to ensure that the product remains firmly anchored to your windowsill. The practicality with which it can be attached and removed allows optimal use and within everyone's reach.

There are 3 types of hooks, you can choose the most suitable for you based on the characteristics of your threshold:

- For Standard threshold, with thickness from 2 to 80 mm

- For maxi threshold, with thickness from 60 to 130 mm

- For sloping sills, the hook is angled to aid fixing on sloping sills

The practicality of fixing is also guaranteed during the removal phase, making the product highly versatile and configurable. Thanks to its practical fixing system consisting of an adjustable pin, VasoSicuro is easy to install by anyone, the extreme solidity that is obtained once fixed has been obtained thanks to careful studies and the use of high quality materials. VasoSicuro is available in many different colors and shapes to color and harmonize the facades of flowered houses.

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