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Flowered balconies, flowering windows, vases, flower boxes on walls and windowsills make every environment precious and enhance buildings and walls.


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Ficus benjamina is a tropical plant, 3 m tall; medium-slow growth, very long-lived; woody stem, cylindrical, with slender branches; small, lanceolate, deep green leaves. It is considered an air purifying plant. It originates in India, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and the islands of the South Pacific.

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Silvano version 2020, no-drill window box holder, the only one patented windowbox  planter holder easy and safe to place outside the windowsill. It is adjustable in two different heights, low if used for windows openings towards the outside, flat for those who can have plants at windowsill height.

Does not obstruct the opening of blackout blinds or windows.

Color: White and Anthracite