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Oryx antelopes

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Oryx antelopes

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Oryx antelopes live in extremely dry and hot deserts. They have narrow horns that are nearly half as long as their body, and have a striking black and white face mask. Oryx antelopes have 120-150 centimeters long horns. Of these, they also have their name, because oryx is Greek and means something like sharp tool. Lions, leopards and hyenas learn in case of doubt in their own body that the antelope knows how to defend it very well. In their habitat in the desert, it can get over 40 degrees Celsius hot. But the oryx antelope knows a trick against the heat. It raises its own body temperature until it is higher than the temperature of the environment. This allows them to release their heat and absorb cooler air.Oryx antelopes live in the desert and endure extremely high temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius.

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