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Rhizomatous plant belonging to the Araceae family, very common as a houseplant. It is long-lived and very rustic and easy to grow: it adapts to different situations of brightness and ambient humidity.

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Zelkova bonsai, also known as Japanese elm, is one of the bonsai species most resistant to pests and diseases and therefore easier to grow! In addition, the ornamental effect of its leaves is undeniable and able to color any environment.

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Indoor plant among the most popular and appreciated, although not easy to grow, maidenhair fern is so beautiful that it is worth the care it requires to preserve it. The dense fronds on long, flexible stems of green-light green color give an effect of elegance and delicacy. Soft and flexible to the touch.

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Ficus benjamina Natasja is a tropical plant, in an apartment it can grow up to 3 m; medium-slow growth, very long-lived; woody, cylindrical stem with slender branches; small, lanceolate, deep green leaves.

Considered an air purifying plant. It originates in India, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia and the South Pacific islands.

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