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Ficus benjamina is a tropical plant, 3 m tall; medium-slow growth, very long-lived; woody stem, cylindrical, with slender branches; small, lanceolate, deep green leaves. It is considered an air purifying plant. It originates in India, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and the islands of the South Pacific.


    A mix of different varieties, heart-shaped leaves, robust, easy to care for and very trendy. Peperomia is one of the most popular indoor plants!


      Always intensely colored, capable of attracting attention and creating by itself Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas Star, in spite of the name, can stay beautiful all year round!


      Zelkova bonsai, also known as Japanese elm, is one of the bonsai species most resistant to pests and diseases and therefore easier to grow! In addition, the ornamental effect of its leaves is undeniable and able to color any environment.

      Vase 15cm is rectangular (long side is 15cm)