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Evergreens and Creepers

Evergreens and Creepers


Azalea or Rhododendron, also known as Rosa delle Alpi is an evergreen shrub native to the European mountain ranges where it grows on acid soils above the treeline, renowned for its summer bell-shaped flowers with white, pink, red and lilac colors. The leaves can take on different colors from green to carmine red.

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Aucuba japonica is a perfect houseplant, its bright green, large and glossy leaves combine with the beautiful colored berries in winter which become delightful flowers in summer!

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The Cypress Goldcrest is an evergreen ornamental plant suitable to be cultivated in pots or directly at home in all types of gardens from coastal to alpine ones such as isolated sapling or to create fence hedges, appreciated for urban furnishings as a natural purifier for its resistance to pollution. Available in different sizes.