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GardenStuff is born in 2012 designing and producing just a limited product line for indoor decor and also for outdoor environments.

The initial choice defined that always distinguished us has been the one to develop ideas in unique products, innovative, with defined features of Italian design and with the intention to adapt to the evolved choice of living indoor and outdoor spaces.

With this approach we build little by little the base of each one of our products: the idea, the study, the realization, the industrialization and the production are passages defined and followed within us.

Like this we are able to combine creativity, experience and Italian production all available to our customers.

By knowing and investing so thoroughly on each one of our products we can easily adapt them to sudden market changes and offer to our customers always the most thrilling and suitable products.

The customers constant increasing appreciation of our ideas gives us back satisfaction and desire to invest always more in products of Italian features and with practical aspects, functional and unique.

That’s how we realized that each one of you visitors and customers, with your support, your contribution, allow us every day to grow and stimulate to do always more to compete with foreign companies and importers.

Starting from 2015 we wanted to invest all our energies and competences to deepen our knowledge to every product connected with the garden, choosing the best and then sharing it, by creating a website that allows us to be even more in touch with you, in the most concrete way; where you can find other than our products everything connected with the garden with the most adequate price on the market, immediately available, to give you and give us more ideas, to allow us to share and valorise even more your ideas and preferences.

We want all of this to be made with maximum care and precision not just to be more appreciated on the market, but also to export our Italian design and your ideas outside, in Europe and overseas.

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