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It's time for mosquitoes, don't be caught unprepared!

We have selected for you two irreplaceable products for this time of year:

- the Aromatic Geranium Vulcano Aromatic Spirals - pack of 10 spirals

- A silhouette from the SpirHello floor collection

Buy them together in the special Summer KIT.

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Evergreen balcony thanks to the Cypress Juniper, an evergreen plant with an intense green color with vertical growth to form hedges and booths.

Growed in a 18 cm pot.


Yellow datterino tomato Lycopersicon esculentum, with a flavor never tried before! Acid / sweet and slightly watery pulp, peel that melts in the mouth, contains carotene. One fruit leads to another !! A must try! Young plants may show white speckles on some leaves, which disappear with growth.

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Copperic fungicide with a broad spectrum of action for vegetable gardens, orchards and ornamental plants, acts strongly against late blight of tomatoes and vines.

100g pack

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Yellow square pepper Mohai seedlings, basket of 6 seedlings. Excellent quality of sweet and highly digestible pepper. Transplant in an area of about 40x100cm.