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Silvano makes your windowsill blossom!


All the windows, even the small one, can have flowers and plants, thanks to Silvano the number one of the windowsill pot holder, you can use it even in the presence of shutters or blinds without any obstruction.

You just need 3.5 cm and the drip under the windowsill to put all the flowers you want.


With Silvano you can:

  • Put flowers outside in a total safe way, in fact it’s tested to hold up to 80 kg
  • Expand the room space (all the encumbrance is outside)
  • Creating a line of continuity with the windowsill, without obstructing shutters or blinds
  • The pot is not placed on the windowsill so you will be free to use it
  • Allowing flowers to take more sun and using more space to grow
  • Make the façade of the house blossom.


Also Silvano gives to you this functional advantages:

  •          It’s versatile: the pot holder can be easily placed and removed without using any kind of tool.
  •          The clasp system is safe and it doesn’t need any hole
  •          Modularity: the pot holder dimension allows to place more pot holder side by side.
  •          The clasp system doesn’t change the structure of the windowsill
  •          The clasp system is adaptable to different dimension windowsill


Did you know that?

  •          All or nearly all the stone windowsill have the drip under it so it’s perfect to place Silvano
  •          Do you have a balcony with a brickwork parapet? If there is the drip under it you can place Silvano
  •          You can install Silvano even on boundary walls.
  •          If your terrace has a brickwork parapet with the drip you can place Silvano on both sides.
  •          The installation is easy and fast and it doesn’t need any hole


The clasp system is studied to adapt to different type of windowsill. You just need to be sure that the sill has the drip ( a groove placed under it).

Its special clasp system fits windowsill with different depth and thickness. Even in the presence of “special” condition, with windowsill thick and deep, is possible to ensure with the same simplicity and security the pot outside your window.

Silvano is an Italian patent that won the Flormagazine price.