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All the windows, even the one with the smallest sills, can hold flowers and plants, thanks to SILVANO the European number 1 windowbox. Silvano can also be used in the presence of shutters, anti-intrusion grids and mosquito nets. You need just 3,5 cm (1,4 in) of depth to place all the flowers you want and the presence of a dripstone (an incision below the sill, made for almost all of the window sills) .

Silvano has an elegant and strong design, the result of continuous research that has led him over the years to be considered in Italy the best windowbox in terms of safety and ease of use. The 2 patents (regarding fixing systems and regulating systems) make it unique on the market and universal thanks to the ability to adapt to the thicknesses of window sills of minimum dimensions also as far as metal windowsill.

The basket can also be adjusted to two different heights: A) with the planter flush with the windowsill for a complete view of its plants from the window. B) With the planter 13 cm (5 in) below the sill to simplify the use of external shutters or to increase the brightness of the house when the plants become very luxuriant. One product, two easily configurable options!


Safe! tested up to 80kg (176 lb)

The planter is not positioned on the window sill, preventing to dirty it and to reduce light from the house. The special painting and the galvanized protection on all the functional parts make the product almost eternal, the adjustable spring system is made of stainless steel to avoid any signs of rust. The fixing system is the strongest value of Silvano. The basket is very easy to place both in the sill level position and in the lowered position, it does not require any hole and plus has a great adaptability to every windowsill with a dripstone, even if inclined.



A fastening system extremely flexible

The PATENTED fastening system makes Silvano a universal product, suitable for any type of window with drip (The groove under each stone or marble sill of almost all new or older homes). Furthermore, the new added patent that allows the adjustment of the distance from the wall with a stainless steel spring even in very extreme situations makes it even more versatile.

Safety comes first

Silvano is the result of several years of implementation that have now led to a more versatile version (adaptable to an ever increasing type of window sills). At the same time, industrial processes have gradually been improved by looking for solutions that make it more durable but at the same time resistant (we have increased the thickness of the steel rod by 40%). The addition of galvanizing also to the support plate now makes it even more efficient, the reduced welding points in favor of mechanical couplings make it even less attackable by rust. The coupling system uses almost 40 cm in length of the sill making it so durable and safe over time, tests carried out show that the coupling system holds over 80 kg (176 lb).

How to keep it at its best

Silvano does not need any maintenance. It installs in less than 3 minutes and requires no other actions. The high-performance materials guarantee a lifetime of several years without rusting. The support plate is now supplied with an additional zinc-plated protection to guarantee even longer life for years. The PATENTED spring adjustment system consists of a stainless steel spring to avoid any possibility of rust in contact with the wall.

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